Rice Recipes

We make Rice (white or brown) whether we are from any part of the world. If you are making same Rice recipes everyday and want to make something different.No need to worry, Grabb some unique recipes here
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Manchurian with Fried RiceManchurian with Fried Rice

“Manchurian with Fried Rice” is a typical chinese Rice dish. But now a day very popular in many parts of the world specially in Pakistan.
Then what are you thinking of make it for your family too.





 Honey Chilli Chicken with Boiled RiceHoney Chilli Chicken with Boiled Rice

Honey chilli chicken with boiled rice is a simple white rice recipe with sweet & sour chicken.Make for your family and enjoy a restaurant style complete dinner at home.





Chicken Tikka Biryani

Chicken Tikka Biryani rice

Biryani and specially chicken tikka biryani is the first love of every Pakistani. Not only  Pakistanis other who love spices will love to eat this spicy chicken tikka biryani.




Tarragon Chicken with Rice

Tarragon Chicken with Rice

Tarragon chicken with Rice is a delicious and different continental dish. It is also made in Pakistan.Its a bit spicy and saucy recipe.It can be served in any Grand Meal also.





Yogurt Curry with Rice(Kadhi Chawal)

Yogurt Curry with Rice(Kadhi Chawal) is a pure Pakistani Dish.It is specially made in Punjabi Families in villages specially.A simple and healthy recipe that if you once make.You will surely make it again and again.





Capsicum Rice

Capsicum Rice is a healthy Recipe for lunch as well as dinner.Make this and Serve with Raita and Green Chilli Chatni.




Degi Chana Pulao

Degi chana pulao is spicy chana pulao.It taste like Chicken Pulao and its smell is like Chicken Biryani.You can say it is Biryani for vegeterians.





Masala Fried Rice

Masala Fried Rice is an Indo-Chinese Rice Recipe.It is actually
Fried Rice with a bit touch of spices as Spices are very famous in subcontinent.So if you want to eat fried rice but want some spice too .then what are you waiting for ,just make this and enjoy!!






Matar Pulao/Peas Pulao

Matar Pulao is a healthy Recipe for lunch as well as dinner.Make this and Serve with Raita.





Masala Rice With Chilli Chicken

Masala Rice with chilli chicken is a spicy delicious rice recipe.
If you r a spice lover You’ll love to make it and eat it.





Chicken Pulao

Chicken Pulao is a famous Pakistani Rice recipe.Its a simple Rice recipe every one can make at home.You can serve it with Raita/Salad etc.Make it and Enjoy with your Family.

Cabbage Chicken Rice

Cabbage Chicken Fried Rice is a fusion recipe of Chicken and vegetable fried Rice.Cabbage when fried with a pinch of salt tastes so delicious.So make this delicious and quite different recipe for your family and Enjoy a quality food at home.