Pastry Sandwich

Pastry Sandwich

Pastry Sandwich is a fusion sandwich.Make it at your home and you will love its softness and creamy flavour.Its a combination of pastry cake and chicken sandwich.Make for your kid’s lunch and they will love it.


Bread Slice 1 & a half

mayonnaise 1/2 cup

Cream 1/2 cup

Black Pepper 1/2 tsp

Sliced Tomato 1/2

Sliced Capsicum 1/4

Shredded Chicken 1/2 cup


Cut the slice into half.Place one half and Pastry Sandwichput chicken mixed with mayonnaise on it.Sprinkle Black pepper on it.Repeat the same step with the other half slice.Now place another half slice on it and cover it with cream mixed with mayonnaise. Garnish it with Tomato and Chopped Capsicum.Enjoy this sandwich.Also Try Egg Chicken Sandwich.Grabb more Tasty & Tried Recipe here.


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