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Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Onion Rings is a famous fried restaurant snack.You have eaten it many times in any restaurants.Now make it at your home with simple ingredients available at your home.Enjoy the restaurant like.Make your kids happy.


Onion 1

Flour 1 cup

Egg 1

Salt as per taste

Red pepper 2 tbsp

Chilled Water


Mix Flour with salt and place aside.Beat egg in one dish.Onion RingsTake chilled water in one bowl.Slice the onions in ring shape.Now dip it in egg than in flour mixture and finally in chilled water.Repeat the procedure two times.Then deep fry it on medium flame in hot oil.Enjoy with ketchup.Also Try Potato Crisp.Grabb more Tasty & Tried video Recipes here.


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