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Nutella French Toast

Nutella French Toast:

Nutella French Toast is a delicious french toast stuffed with a lot of Nutella.Kids love chocolate bars,chocolate ice cream,chocolate cake and eat them again and again.Now change their way of eating chocolates.Make these unique french toast recipe and give your breakfast an amazing touch.


Bread Slices 2
Nutella 2 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Milk 1/2 cup
Oil 2 tbsp


Nutella French Toast

Take 2 bread slices. Cut off its edges.Roll it to flatten.In another bowl take an egg.Add 1 tbsp Sugar and 1/2 cup milk in it. Beat well to mix sugar well. Milk is added to make the toast soft and fluffy.Spread nutella on one bread slice. If you want more chocolacious flavor add more nutella. Place second slice on this. Now coat this slice with the beaten egg. Coat its both sides. Heat oil in a pan.Place the coated slices on it carefully. Fry until golden brown.Flip its side carefully. Fry the other side the same way.Transfer it to plate.Serve this Nutella French Toast with dip Nutella Sauce. Grabb its complete video recipe here. Also Try Chicken Pulao recipe here and grabb the appreciation of your family.

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