Mint Margarita

Mint Margarita:

Mint Margarita is a famous drink available almost in all restaurants. I love to have this drink in my hot sunny days.It is the main drink served in any dinner dawat at my home.It helps in digestion of Food that are used to served in our traditional dawat.

Ingredients for Mint Margarita:

  • Mint 2 ghatti
  • Lemon half
  • Black Salt 1 tbsp
  • Castor Sugar
  • Ice Cubes as required
  • Soda Water 4 cup


Mint Margarita

First take 2 ghatti Mint. Separate its leaves. Wash them thoroughly. Remember that nothing is more important than cleanliness. Health of you & Your kids should be never compromised. So take care of it.

After that take a clean blender. Add washed mint into it. Squeeze half lemon into it. Then add 1 tbsp Black salt,1 tbsp castor sugar and Ice Cubes as required.

After this step two choices are there for you. First you can blend this to make a paste. Add this paste to the glass. Add 4 cup of Soda Water in it.Serve with mint leaves.You can freeze this mixture for 1 week.

Second choice for you is that you can blend with 4 cup of soda water in the blender as well. Serve with ice and mint leaves. Enjoy this healthy & refreshing drink. Serve to your guests. They will surely ask from which restaurants you have brought this. For a complete video recipe click here. Grabb more detailed recipe here.

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