Mango Shake

This is an easiest Mango Shake recipe.This will be ready in 3-4 minutes.This recipe requires only 3 ingredients. It is so easy to prepare . It is one of the most healthy drink during summer season.This Mango Shake recipe is quick and easy . Make this healthy drink for kids .Enjoy!!!


2 Mangoes
Sugar 2 cup
Milk 2 cup

Ice Cubes


Mango Shake

First we take 2 large Mangoes. Wash these Mangoes very carefully. Cleanliness leads towards health. Remember Nothing is more precious than your child’s health .After washing Peel off these mangoes.Slice these mangoes in cube.

Transfer these Mangoes into a blender. Add 2 cup sugar into it. Then add 2 cup Milk into it. You can use Cream into it.Both Fresh & Tetra Pack Cream can be used .Blend this for 3-4 minutes until a smooth and Creamy mixture is prepared. After blending these things. Add ice cubes in the glass then add Mango squash.Add milk in it . Mix it very well. Enjoy !!

It is simply an amazing drink. Nothing is needed with it. But if you like chocolate you can add it on it. Grabb its complete video recipe here. Grabb more drinks recipes below 👇

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