Mango delight
Summer Desserts

Mango Delight

Mango delight is a delicious refreshing summer dessert. It’ll add a refreshing moment to your hot summer.This is a unique recipe that is surely liked by you family.S make it and have a good time.


For Mango delight

Fresh Cream 1 pack
Milk half cup
Castor Sugar half tbsp
4 Mango
Crushed Almond


First take 1 tetra-pack Cream . I have used Tetra ack cream but you can also use fresh cream Now add half cup Milk and beat it well by mixing. This will add a thinning texture to the batter Add half tbsp Castor Sugar ,mix well and leave aside.

Take another bowl ,add mixed Cream batter into it.Wash 4 Mangoes Remember Cleanliness is necessary Nothing is important other than your Child’s health. Now add slices of 4 medium size Mangoes into it .Cut mangoes in cube. Mix well and left aside. Add crushed Almond in it. Mix it well.Place in refrigerator for half an hour.After half an hour sprinkle Mango cubes on it. Sprinkle crushed Almond . Pace again in refrigerator for 15 minutes. Your Mango delight is ready Enjoy this refreshing Dessert in Hot days of summer .You will feel Fresh.

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