Kachumber Salad

Kachumber Salad

Kachumber Salad is a simple and healthy salad recipe served in almost all of the Asian restaurant.It is served with Meal.Whatever you have eaten will digest after eating it.So why are you looking for another side dish with lunch.Make it and serve.


Cocumber 1& half

Tomato 1

Capsicum 1

Onion 1

White Vinegar 1/2 cup

Caster Sugar 1tsp


Kachumber Salad

Cut onion, cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum into thin slices. You can also used chopped vegetables. Add vinegar and sugar in it.Mix it well.Make flower with Cucumber. Enjoy your restaurant style salad.Also Try Sweets Recipe. Grabb more Tasty & Tried Recipes here.

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