Jelly Trifle

Jelly Trifle

Jelly Trifle is a Trifle recipe with layered Jelly. Trifle are made in many different styles i.e. Fruit Trifle.cake trifle etc.Jelly is kids favourite. Here a different trifle recipe is presented which is one of the most favorite desert of kids.So make it and Enjoy!!


Mango Custard 2 packet

Fruit Cake 10 pieces

Jelly Powder Red and Green 1 packet

Milk 1 kg


Heat milk in a crucible.Add custard powder andJelly Trifle continue stirring the spatula until it gets thicker.Place in a bowl and let it gets cool.Heat water and add jelly powder.When it gets thicker dish out it and put in refrigerator.Cut into small sqaure pieces.Pour custard in a bowl and put a layer of cake on it.Repeat the procedure two times and spread jelly on it.Your jelly trifle is ready. Also Try Custard Trifle.Grabb more Tasty & Tried video Recipes here.

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