Bread Roll

Bread Roll

Bread Roll is a famous kids favorite fried snack. Now make it at your home with simple ingredients available at your home.Enjoy the restaurant like.Also make for your kid’s lunch. Make your kids happy.


Bread Slices as u require

For Filling:

Pizza sauce 1/2 cup

Mayonese 1/2 cup

Chicken Shredded

Egg sliced

For Shallow Fry:

Egg 1

Bread Crumbs

Oil 2 tbsp


Bread Roll

Roll one bread slice.Spread Mayonese and pizza sauce on slice.Put chicken and Egg in that slice.Roll fillled slice in oval shape.Seal the edges.Dip in egg and cover it in bread crumbs.Shallow fry these bread slices.Enjoy With Ketchup.Also Try Onion Rings.Grabb more Tasty & Tried Recipes here.

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