Baking is fun

Baking is fun as well as a true talent in someone if some of the precautions are taken into considerations.

  • Quantities of any required ingredient should be according to the mentioned one.
  • Baking time should not be less or more than that of the mentioned time.
  • Do not mix Baking Soda and Baking Powder.

Follow above mentioned precautions.

My Baking Items

Chicken Bread

Chicken Bread A soft and juicy stuffed pizza.It is made of the same dough as  of pizza.You can change its stuffing according to your taste.It is a child’s favorite snack.

Bread Pizza

If you dont have enough time to make dough of pizza and  leave it aside to rise for 3 or 4 hours and want to eat a delicious pizza then no need to worry about it.Bread pizza is a type of pizza that you can make in only 5 minutes.So forget about the hectic routine of making dough,waiting for it to rise ,topping and then baking for 50-20 minutes and make this healthy and readily made Pizza in no time for your kids.


 Star Pizza

Pizza making is always a fun.But if you r bored of seeing the same pizza shape and topping everywhere and always ,this pizza will bring a lot of excitement to your eating sense.Make this for your kids.It tastes like Pizza but it is a bit juicy than that of Pizza.


Chicken Tikka Pizza

Pizza is a snack and a complete food also.You can make pizza in different styles vegetable pizza,chicken pizza,chicken tikka pizza,kabab pizza,fish pizza,vegetable pizza and many more.Here presenting Chicken tikka pizza.Make this for your children ad enjoy a spicy pizza.


Egg Bread Pizza

If you r bored of eating cheese and cheese pizza then try this egg pizza which will be ready in no time.So make this Egg Bread Pizza and enjoy with your family.



Rose Pizza

Everyone here just love Roses.So if you did’nt ever think of making a rose pizza make it right now.It will look beautiful and your children will love to eat it.