Aaloo Bukhary Ka Sharbat:

Aaloo Bukhary Ka Sharbat:

Aaloo Bukhary Ka Sharbat is a healthy refreshing drink. Aaloo Bukhary also known as plum is available in june-july in Asia.In general store you can buy it all the year.It a healthy drink.One glass of this drink will be enough to get energy for a day.It is a refreshing Drink Recipe you can have in hot days of summer .It will refresh your mind,just energize you.

Ingredients for Aaloo Bukhary Ka Sharbat:

Plum /Aaloo Bukhara 1/4 kg
Salt 1 tsp
Water to boil
Tamarind 1/8 kg
Sugar 2 big spoon
Ice cubes


Aaloo Bukhary Ka Sharbat:

First of all Take a pan .Boil water in it,then add Tamarind in it. Let it boil for 15 minutes or until the tamarind gets soft. Blend it very well to make thick paste. You can preserve it for 15 days in deep freezer.

Take 1/4 kg Aaloo Bukhara/plum and wash them very well.Remember nothing is more important than your family’s health so wash every vegetable or fruit that you brought from Market.After that separate the pulp of plum.

Add plum/Aaloo BUkhara pulp to the grinder/blender. Add 2 big spoon sugar ,Tamarind pulp 1 tbsp ,1 tsp salt in it. Blend it with some ice cubes to make a perfect smoothie. Aaloo Bukhary k aSharbat is ready . Transfer it into a glass. Present according to your desire and serve.You can present it with mint garnishing. For a complete video recipe click here.Grabb more detailed recipe here

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